When people think of wellness they think of two, maybe three of the nine dimensions of wellness. Physical wellness (nutrition’s lumped in there), emotional wellness, and spiritual wellness.

The other six dimensions of wellness are mental wellness (or intellectual wellness if you want to be technical, and this is about that whole “stay learning” mentality or “I’m out of school so … fuck it” mentality). Social wellness (looks at what your social life is like. Are you happy with it? Do you have healthy relationships in your life etc). Environmental wellness (looks at where are you on the spectrum of taking care of the environment. Are you A-we have to think of the future generations or B- I just sorta live in it?). Financial wellness (looks at your finances, for example, are you saving money? Do you want to? Do you care to? Are you burning through your paychecks spending them on dumb shit? Are things tight and it’s more of a paycheck to paycheck situation? etc). Occupational wellness (looks at things like what do you do for work. Are you happy with your job? Does it fulfill you in any way? Would you like it to?) and lastly, new to the dimensions of wellness is cultural wellness (this asks you to look at where you find yourself on a scale of culturally competent to intolerant fuck. Harsh, yes, but there’s no judgement. It’s not your fault you learned what you learned, but it is your responsibility to hold it up to new information and judge for yourself whether some of the things you’ve learned might be worth unlearning).

There’s no judgement in wellness. That would be like, a plumber getting mad at you because your sink is clogged. Or the doctor being mad at you for getting sick. Nobody’s perfect and wellness is about rectifying whatever’s off with us so yes, there’s bound to be some shit, but the point is to work through it. It’s going to take being honest with yourself though. What I do at YourWelltivity is I try and offer tips through the use of inforgraphics to give the reader (that’s you) things to think about as you embark on your wellness journey, whatever that means for you. Can I teach you wellness? No, but I can point you in the general direction of it.

My name is Paula, I’m your “wellness guide” here at YourWelltivity and I’d love it if you checked back in on “Wellness Wednesdays” for new material, and if you joined in on the conversation about whatever wellness topic we’re discussing that week. Thank you for reading and I hope I’ll be seeing you back again soon.


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